The City’s Strategic Plan 2015-2017 for Sustainability

The City of Lancaster works in partnership with non-profits, the business community, and residents to build a culture of stewardship and cooperation. Our work to establish a sustainable culture goes beyond environmental concerns, and includes stability in City finances, and a sense of well-being in our residents. The City also works to integrate sustainability into all City sponsored events. For questions regarding the Sustainability Program contact the Department of Public Works’ Sustainability Planner, Douglas Smith: or 717-517-5720.

Our Strategic Priorities

A. Establish sustainability targets for energy, water, waste, and greenhouse gas emissions.

B. Use “whole-of-life” costing to measure sustainability benefits of public projects.

C. Amend procurement policies to consider environmental and social aspects of purchases.

D. Investigate early replacement of all street lights with LED lamps.

E. Develop a plan for converting all fleet vehicles, where cost effective, to compressed natural gas or electricity.

F. Help facilitate the efforts of residents and businesses to incorporate green strategies and technologies into their homes and facilities.

G. Develop and implement programs to reduce waste and increase residential and commercial recycling.

Our Success Indicators

1. A plan for converting fleet vehicles to CNG or electricity is being implemented.

2. Purchase decisions take environmental and social impact into consideration.

3. A plan is in place to replace street lights with LED lamps.

4. Incentives are in place to encourage the use of green strategies by businesses and residents.

5. There is a significant decrease in the amount of solid waste disposed of by the City, and a comparable increase in residential and commercial recycling.

Relevant Plans & Studies

City of Lancaster’s Strategic Plan 2015-2017
Bicycling Plan (forthcoming)
Economic Development Strategic Plan 2015
Downtown Walkability Analysis
Tree Inventory 2011
Lancaster Train Station Master Plan
Green Infrastructure Plan & Tree Canopy Report
Urban Park, Recreation and Open Space Plan 2009
GROWING TOGETHER: A Comprehensive Plan for Central Lancaster County, Pennsylvania 
ENERGY STAR Report for Major City Facilities, Sept 2014 – Sept 2015
Greenhouse Gas Inventory – 2015

City Sustainability Actions & Policies

Pesticide Policy
Green IT Policy
Renewable Energy Credit Certification
Guidelines to Recycling at Lancaster City’s Municipal Facilities
Volunteer Registration Form for Community Recycling Event
Elected Officials Leadership Training – all newly elected public officials attend training with the PA Municipal League