The City Revitalization & Improvement Zone (CRIZ), created by a state law in 2013, is a special zone that encourages development and revitalization in certain sized communities across the Commonwealth.  Lancaster is one of two cities to receive the first designations.  The CRIZ consists of approximately 130 acres in Downtown Lancaster and in selected areas in the remaining parts of the City.  The Commonwealth created the CRIZ to spur community revitalization by allowing certain state and local taxes to be provided to the CRIZ community through the annual reporting and certification process to help finance redevelopment and new construction opportunities. 

The focus of the Lancaster CRIZ Program is on the development of vacant and underutilized properties within the City.  The CRIZ Act provides that qualified state and local tax revenues may be used for payment of debt service on bonds or loans issued for the acquisition, improvement and development of qualified capital improvements within the CRIZ.  The CRIZ Authority has developed a set of guidelines to assist businesses, developers and other interested parties who may be interested in seeking financing from and through the CRIZ. 

CRIZ Authority Information

Questions About the CRIZ, including whether your business and/or property is located in the designated CRIZ Zone? Contact:

– Randy Patterson, City of Lancaster
  Director, CRIZ Authority or 717-201-7498

– Deana Zosky, Lancaster CRIZ Authority’s compliance contact or call the hotline at 484-951-1289

CRIZ TAX REPORTS: As a business and/or property owner located in the CRIZ, your business activity will contribute toward your community’s growth simply by filing the required annual, confidential reports to state and local taxing bodies to ensure that eligible taxes are certified and redirected back to Lancaster.

Business and property owners in the CRIZ will NOT incur any additional taxes as a result of the CRIZ.  However, under the CRIZ law, you are required to report the taxes your business already pays and reports to state and local agencies. 

Lancaster Business Registration Form


CRIZ Guidelines for Financing

2019 CRIZ State and Local Reporting Information – All Reports Due by midnight on June 15, 2020.

2019 Business Reporting & Information Packet (English)

2019 Business Reporting & Information Packet (Spanish)

Local Tax Report Instructions (English)

Local Tax Report Instructions (Spanish)

Electronic Tax Report Instructions

2019 Contractor Reporting & Information Packet (English)

2019 Contractor Reporting & Information Packet (Spanish)