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Redevelopment of 250 College Avenue

December 18, 2019 | Department of Community Planning & Economic Development Mayor's Office Office of Neighborhood Engagement

See below for notes from the May 20, 2019 public meeting regarding resident priorities for the redevelopment of 250 College Avenue. You can also view video from the meeting on our YouTube channel.


  1. Walkable small scale grocery/market
  2. Greenspace
  3. Mixed use/market
  4. Not high density housing
  5. Greenspace
  6. Only 3-4 stories tall
  7. Architecture style mixed in with look of historic Lancaster
  8. Community Center/Art Center
  9. Walkability – Parks/and buildings w/ parking underneath (not entire area covered in parking.
  10. Urgent care/satellite ER
  11. Another hospital would be fine
  12. Housing and neighborhood amenities; small restaurants, shops, all walkable
  13. Knit the 600 blocks of Chestnut and Walnut together with West End Avenue, Long Home.
  14. Multi-use (highest residential/mixed use possible)
  15. Multi-story facilities
  16. High density
  17. Hospital with ER (written 9 different times)
  18. Multi-use
    1. dense affordable housing
    1. Pre-K
    1. Small non-chain business
  19. Urgent care
  20. Something that reflects architecture of neighborhood – Yes!
  21. Healthy and environmentally friendly spaces
  22. Medical facility capable of large addiction and mentally ill intake or affordable housing
  23. Incorporate green space
  24. Shelter for the poor
  25. Mixed use:  health care/ER; Plus affordable housing, retail, commercial offices
  26. Small scale block:  break it up with zoning
  27. Some greening and landscaping
  28. Multi-use housing and shops – not chains/no dollar store
  29. Affordable/Market Rate/High Density
  30. Health services (especially children)
  31. Education (medical school?)
  32. Research
  33. Affordable housing
  34. Senior living/care
  35. Restaurant, apartments, townhouses with alley behind and driveways, greenery.
  36. High density residential (maybe 4-5 stories)
  37. Parking lots need trees and greenery so there is less runoff – What is there is not suitable.
  38. Medical services … at the very least an urgent care.
  39. Mixed use! Residential for multigenerational residences, partial business/office/co-working space, some retail. (another coffee café, etc.) and a boutique hotel.
  40. Mixed use
  41. Functional green space
  42. Trees – good landscaping
  43. Attractive, human scale public spaces
  44. Housing for the poorest in addition to “affordable housing.”
  45. Landscaping
  46. Less traffic
  47. High density residential. See
    1. The Burg
    1. 116 Pine Street, Harrisburg
    1. Harristown
  48. Community Center
  49. Give the structure of individual rooms and bathrooms. This could provide single occupancy housing and very little adjustment.


  1. Large Parking Garage
  2. Large Shopping Center
  3. Shopping Center
  4. Gentrification to cater to the “opulent minority”
  5. Suburban style strip malls
  6. Demolition!
  7. Absolutely do not demolish this structure. It has “good bones” not unlike 101 NQ (Bulova Bldg.)
  8. Not a shopping center for sure.
  9. Parking garage
  10. Taller than 3-4 stories.
  11. Increased car traffic
  12. Garish architecture or signage
  13. Fast food chain/restaurants
  14. High end business
  15. High end housing (2)
  16. Luxury housing
  17. Additional restaurants/retail, large corporate business
  18. More parking lots
  19. Anything other than a hospital w/ER
  20. Not so tall
  21. Chain drug stores.
  22. Hospital on site (was underutilized as such)
  23. Massive parking lot
  24. High end condos
  25. Empty site for many years.
  26. Parking lots need trees and vegetation