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Meet Housing Inspector Wilfredo Perez

January 8, 2020 | Office of Neighborhood Engagement
By: Bella Rankin

In Lancaster City, the Bureau of Code Compliance and Inspections provides for the safety and welfare for the general public residing in the city. As a member of this bureau, a member of the Code Enforcement and Inspection department, and a faithful employee of local government, Wilfredo “Will” Perez never gets tired of the daily challenges presented in his way. “From the day I started..” he says, “this job has always been amazing.” He also describes his daily work as full of unexpected surprises, busy, and yet highly rewarding. Being a House Inspector is rewarding to him because he gets to encounter many people from all different backgrounds and all walks of life. These encounters help him to form deeper ties, relationships, and connections with the locals.

Internally and externally, perceptions of his duties are different as well. Housing Inspectors are expected to get the job done, follow the rules, and are sought-out as community educators. They continually work to educate the public, landlords, and tenants about house risks and other critical house information. Will believes that being one who listens and one who asks questions are both equally important in his field of work. This goes for himself, his co-workers, landlords, and tenants in the community. If you listen, you can truly understand the point someone is trying to get across. If you ask questions, it shows you are invested in what the other person is saying and forms a small connection to that person.

These principles (above), that help to guide Mr. Perez’s work, can also tie into the new Lancaster City core values. Out of the four, teamwork and respect are the most important to Mr. Perez. In any profession, teamwork and respect are critical. In his own words, “you always have to work together” and “if you respect someone, they will respect you in turn.” With a strong foundation of respect, you can then work well as a team.

Lastly, when I got the chance to interview Mr. Perez, his optimistic outlook and vision on his profession is something I will never forget. It was truly a privilege seeing the drive Mr. Perez has for making the Lancaster City community an educated and safe place for all.