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Open Bids

#2019-17 Beaver Street Storage Renovations

Bidding Ends: 09/18/2019

#2019-24 Grit & Solid Waste Removal

The project generally consists of The City of Lancaster has a total of six locations where grit/screenings are collected and dumped into a front load dumpster. The AWWTP has multiple dumpsters. The dumpsters must be collected in an “empty” (contains no other municipal/residual solid waste) and delivered to the Frey Farm Landfill (FFLF) located at 3049 River Rd, Conestoga, PA 17516 during their normal posted hours of operation. The City owns several front load dumpsters listed within the bid documents, but several must be supplied by the Contractor. Five (5) wheeled 2 cu. yd. dumpsters and one (1) 4 cu. yd dumpster to be supplied by the Contractor for use at City facilities. The term of this Contract will be for three (3) years from the Notice to Proceed. The City reserves the right to include two (2) one-year options to extend the Contract.
Bidding Ends: 01/08/2020

#2020-04RFP Lead Housing RFP

The City of Lancaster is seeking bids from hotels that wish to pre-qualify to provide housing under the HUD Lead Hazard Control Grant at or for the GSA rate or less, during the five year term of the grant. As part of the bid package, interested hotels should provide information on the room accommodations as well as pricing structure such as flat daily/weekly rates, discount percentages, late check-out rates, etc.
Bidding Ends: 02/21/2020

#2020-02 Shoring & Excavation Materials 2020 Purchase List

Shoring and Excavation Material 2020 Purchase list for the Water and Wastewater Bureaus.
Bidding Ends: 02/29/2020
Bid Updated - 02/18/2020

#2020-05 Laboratory Analysis for the Lead-Paint Hazard Control Program

Bidding Ends: 03/04/2020
Bid Updated - 02/21/2020

#2019-06 Engleside Combined Sewer Rehabilitation

The work shall consist of furnishing all labor, materials, equipment, and incidentals required for rehabilitation of approximately 1,380 feet of the Engleside 108” and 120” concrete combined sewer and approximately 380 feet of brick arch sewer located in the vicinity of Culliton Park. Work will include temporary bypass pumping and maintenance of flows, sewer cleaning, concrete rehabilitation, leak repairs, replacement of wooden planks and the installation of a centrifugally cast cementitious pipe lining (CCCPL).
Bidding Ends: 03/12/2020

2020-06 Lead Housing Leased Space RFP

The City of Lancaster is seeking proposals from owners of office space of approximately 2000 to 2500 square feet available in census tracts 9, 10, 14 and/or 147 of the City of Lancaster for a period commencing no later than June 1, 2020 through December 31, 2024.
Bidding Ends: 03/16/2020

#2020-10 Water Transmission Equipment Contract

Bidding Ends: 04/15/2020

#2020-07 Street Improvements

Bidding Ends: 04/16/2020

#2020-07 Street Improvements

Bidding Ends: 04/16/2020

#2020-09 Waste & Recyclable Material Contract

Bidding Ends: 05/27/2020


The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has provided Lancaster County and the City of Lancaster with an allocation of CDBG Coronavirus (CDBG-CV) and ESG Coronavirus (ESG-CV) as enabled in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) (Public Law 116-136). The Redevelopment Authority of the County of Lancaster (Redevelopment Authority), on behalf of the County, and the City of Lancaster (City) have developed a joint application to request proposals from organizations seeking CDBG-CV and ESG-CV CARES Act funding to prevent, prepare for and respond to COVID-19. The Redevelopment Authority and City are interested in programs or activities supporting housing and homelessness, public services and facilities, and economic development that address needs of low-moderate- income residents affected by COVID-19.
Bidding Ends: 05/28/2020

#2020-03 South 3MG Elevated Water Storage Tank and Transmission Main

Bidding Ends: 06/03/2020

2020-11 Preventative Maintenance, Periodic Inspections and Repair Services to Fire Apparatus Vehicle Fleet

This bid solicitation has been divided into five categories and vendors may bid on any or all of the categories and separate contracts will be awarded under each of the five categories. The five categories are: (1) heavy duty diesel truck repair and maintenance; (2) custom fire body, pump repair and maintenance; (3) annual NFPA fire pump testing certification; (4) NFPA ground ladder testing certification, and (5) NFPA aerial ladder testing certification.
Bidding Ends: 07/15/2020

2020-14 (2022) Comprehensive Plan Facilitation RFP

The City of Lancaster, PA will receive proposals online from qualified firms and individuals to provide organizational design and facilitation services in service to the City’s comprehensive plan update process until Monday, July 27, 2020 at 5 p.m.
Bidding Ends: 07/27/2020

Completed Bids

* Bid Awarded *

#2019-01 Susquehanna Large Diameter Transmission Main

Project generally comprises installation of approximately 33,700 linear feet of 42, 30 and 24-inch water transmission mains and associated structures and 10,400 linear feet of 6 to 12-inch water distribution mains and associated structures, primarily downstream of the Oyster Point Reservoir.
* Bid Awarded *

#2019-02 Christian Street Green Infrastructure, Water Main, and Bike-Ped Way Resurfacing

The project generally comprises of water main replacement; green infrastructure including but not limited to porous pavers and stormwater infiltration beds; vegetated curb extensions; stamped asphalt roadway; road resurfacing; base repair; signal work; pavement markings; bike and pedestrian infrastructure.
* Bid Awarded *

#2019-04 Sludge and Grit Disposal

This project generally comprises of the removal of waste material from accumulation points and deliver the material to a disposal site on a daily basis. The awarded contractor will be required to provide transportable waste accumulation 4-wheel containers (roll-off) to multiple locations.
* Bid Awarded *

#2019-05 ADA Curb Ramp Construction Annual Contract

Project generally comprises of construction of ADA-compliant curb ramps at various locations within the City of Lancaster. The project consists of a first-year award, with the option at the owner’s discretion to extend the contract annually up to four years total. All work is to be performed to the City of Lancaster’s specifications and direction, including amount of work to be performed per year, approximately 50-70 ramps per year as designated in the contract. Work volume and scope is subject to change.
* Bid Awarded *

#2019-07 Prince and Walnut Intersection Improvements

Project generally comprises of intersection improvements at the N. Prince and W. Walnut intersection, including replacement of the southbound Prince Street right turn lane with green infrastructure, relocation of the sidewalk, signal poles, street lights, sewer main, and utility conduit.
* Bid Awarded *

#2019-03 Biosolids Transportation and Disposal and/or Beneficial Reuse Services

Project generally consists of furnishing all labor, equipment, and incidentals required to transport and dispose of and/or beneficially reuse approximately 24,000 wet tons per year of lime stabilized Class B bio-solids from the City’s Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant.
* Bid Awarded *

#2019-04R Sludge and Grit Disposal Rebid

This project generally comprises of the removal of waste material from accumulation points and deliver the material to a disposal site on a daily basis. The awarded contractor will be required to provide transportable waste accumulation 4-wheel containers (roll-off) to multiple locations. This Bid will be for 1 year with (2) options to extend.
* Bid Awarded *

#2019-08 Groff’s Run Stream Restoration

The project generally comprises grading of a defined stream channel and floodplain, installation of instream and floodplain grade control and habitat structures, bank stabilization, and related improvements (drainage, landscaping), and restoration of areas disturbed by construction operations. Several utility relocations will be required to implement portions of this project, and these utility relocations will be completed under this contract prior to or concurrent with the construction of the stream restoration project.
* Bid Awarded *

#2019-13 Recyclable Material

The City of Lancaster is soliciting pricing to establish a marketing agreement with a recycled paper processor or end-user (Processor) for recycled paper grades generated at the City’s Drop-Off Recycling Center (Drop-Off) located at 850 New Holland Avenue in the City. Various source-separated grades of recycled paper are delivered voluntarily by residents and small businesses to the City’s staffed Drop-Off. Staff monitors deliveries of paper, removes identifiable contaminants and prepares paper to industry market standards. Most grades are baled, but some paper may be placed in Gaylord boxes. Palletized bales and Gaylords are loaded onto a trailer provided by the Processor via a yard ramp owned by the City. The Processor provides sufficient pallets, Gaylord boxes and a trailer. The Processor exchanges a full trailer within two (2) days of notification from the City and pays all transportation costs.
* Bid Awarded *

#2019-18 Sidewalk Repairs at Water Stop Locations

The project generally comprises of installing new sidewalks at various locations where the City of Lancaster has installed water services. Locations are throughout the City of Lancaster’s water system.
* Bid Awarded *

#2019-22 Lancaster Square Phase I

The City of Lancaster is soliciting bids for the construction of the plaza at Lancaster Square, Phase I. Work includes but is not limited to site work, hardscaping, site preparations, and drainage.
* Bid Awarded *

#2019-20 Bausman Water Line Replacement Project

Per Addendum #2, this bid opening will now take place on Wednesday, August 28, 2019. The time and location still remain the same as the original. The Project generally comprises of the replacement of approximately 7,979 linear feet of 6-inch and 2230 linear feet of 8-inch asbestos cement pipe. This would include the required temporary water, and proper disposal of transit pipe.
* Bid Awarded *

#2019-19 GLG Year 3 Traffic Signal Upgrades

The City of Lancaster is soliciting pricing for Traffic signal upgrades at 11 intersection locations within the City including signal pole replacement and installation of emergency vehicle preemption and associated work.
* Bid Awarded *

#2019-23 Fire Station Project – Rebid

The City of Lancaster is soliciting pricing for the construction of the West King Street and East King Street Fire Stations. The work is to be completed in two phases. The first phase includes the demolition of the existing Fire Station #3, site preparation and construction of a new East King Street Fire Station at 333 East King Street. The second phase includes the demolition of the existing Fire Station #1, site preparation and construction of a new West King Street Fire Station at 425 West King Street. The work includes five prime bids: general construction, mechanical, plumbing, fire protection and electrical.
* Bid Awarded *

#2019-25 Culliton Park Rebid

The project generally consists of site work, playground demolition and construction, pool demolition and construction, site amenities, lighting, stormwater, and recreational facilities.