Fair Housing Month

April is Fair Housing Month, and throughout the month, the City will spotlight the critical issue of fair, affordable housing on the City of Lancaster’s social media and here on cityoflancasterpa.com. The City of Lancaster is committed to using all of the tools we have to create as many affordable housing units as possible. The availability of affordable housing is a key issue for our city residents and neighbors in Lancaster County. Click ‘learn more’ below to explore the City’s ‘Fair + Affordable Housing” page.

Local Control for Open Carry

Contact your state legislators and ask them to co-sponsor legislation that would allow municipalities like Lancaster to ban guns from City-owned properties.

Engage Lancaster

The City of Lancaster has released a new public participation platform called “Engage Lancaster”. This tool will help our neighbors lend their voices, ideas, and concerns to projects the City of Lancaster is working on. Head over to Engage.CityofLancasterpa.com and create an account to get started.

Ban the Sale of Consumer Fireworks in Pennsylvania

Contact your Lancaster County legislators and tell them you want to make our city safe from hazardous consumer grade fireworks that put our neighborhoods in danger.

Climate Action Plan

The City of Lancaster’s Municipal Operations Climate Action Plan affirms a renewed commitment to the future of Lancaster City.

City of Lancaster Commitments to Racial Equity

Mayor Sorace was elected to build a stronger and more equitable Lancaster, block by block. The City of Lancaster has made these commitments to racial and social equity. Some of this work started more than 2 years ago and some is NEW. It is all connected to what has been asked of the City by demonstrators this summer.