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Streetscape Design Guidelines

The primary goal of these Streetscape Design Guidelines is as follows:

Create a durable, safe, and attractive streetscape to withstand the test of time, to celebrate our unique heritage and distinctive neighborhoods, to reinforce a sense of place and economic vitality, and to promote visual continuity of quality streetscape components throughout Lancaster City in an effort to enhance desirable destinations for visiting, working, playing and living.

Revitalized streetscapes will assist with attracting new residents, businesses, and visitors to the richness of our urban landscape. With careful implementation, Streetscape Design Guidelines will help to advance this revitalization process, while creating more safe public spaces and generating a greater sense of community pride.

The streetscape recommendations noted on the following pages are also a conscious effort to a distill our City’s historic design precedents, building traditions, and generally low-key, functional, and common-sense style into a design ‘vocabulary’ for future enhancement of our public spaces. To avoid replacement of Lancaster’s diverse urban landscape with strictly standardized, theme park-like improvements, implementation of these guidelines should prove to be an exercise in balancing uniformity with diversity, rather than an exercise strictly focused on ‘beautification’ and homogenization.