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Snow Removal

Declaration of a Snow Emergency allows the Department of Public Works and the Police Bureau to restore reasonable flow of traffic in the City as quickly and effectively as possible. Whenever possible, streets will be plowed curb to curb.

Click here for Snow Emergency Route Map

During a Snow Emergency, the City will advise the public through local media, the City website and social media outlets, South Central Alerts, and e-alerts. Click here to sign up for SC Alerts. Click here to sign up for e-alerts.

Cars parked along snow emergency routes must be moved within one hour of the declaration of a Snow Emergency. Failure to remove a vehicle from a Snow Emergency Route could result in a parking ticket or towing of the vehicle at the owner’s expense.

Lancaster Parking Authority
Snow & Related Weather Emergency Policy

(Updated: 3/6/2018)

· A snow emergency is enacted by the City when there is anticipated 8”+ of snow, and announced by the City on various media, website and social media outlets.

· When the snow emergency is enacted, the LPA will provide downtown residents free parking in all LPA Garages on a first come first serve basis for the duration of the snow emergency to allow for streets to be cleared.

· If one garage is full, residence may park in another garage. (RRTA provides separate approval).

· Most garage roofs will be blocked and kept empty to allow for their snow removal.

· Residents should NOT enter the garage prior to the snow emergency start time.

· Residents should pull a ticket upon entry.

· When snow emergency is lifted, residents have *two hours (or unless a longer time is agreed upon by LPA and City) to remove vehicles.

· *Two hours after the City ends the snow emergency, the hourly rate will apply for those parking longer than the grace period.

*Why this policy? So that we can accommodate the community as best we can during a snow emergency, but also return our garages back to normal operations as soon as possible for our paying customers. There is simply not enough parking for our customers and the community to leave their cars in the garage for a prolonged period of time, especially as we try to remove snow from 7 garage rooftops which are unusable during this time.