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Current Road Work

Questions? Contact Matt Metzler at or (717) 291-4764.


Charlotte Street Two-Way Conversion

Contractors for the City of Lancaster, Rogele Inc, will mobilize during the last week of February to begin the two-way conversion project, and this project is scheduled to continue through 2018’s construction season with paving in October and two-way conversion in November. The project will generally start on the northern end at James Street and proceed south towards King Street. Residents within the project limits should have received letters further describing the schedule and work impacts. Residents should expect parking, lane, and sidewalk restrictions throughout the project. Residents are advised to closely follow all posted ‘No Parking’ signage, and obey all work zone signage. All parking signs are required to have clearly stated dates and times to be enforceable. Motorists are asked to please exercise caution in the work zones and anticipate delays during their commute. Additional notices, mailings, flyers, and electronic distributions will be provided through the life of the two-way conversion and generally in advance of the construction starting on your block.


UGI Upgrades (Charlotte St, Charles Rd, Caroline St, Crystal St)

UGI will be upgrading their natural gas facilities in the winter-spring, and will be coordinating with individual property owners on meter placements and service interruptions. Construction work is currently ongoing on Charlotte Street in advance of the two-way conversion project slated for the 2018 construction season. Additional information will come from the City and UGI when it becomes available. For concerns related to UGI’s upcoming work, please contact Jose Figueroa, Operations Supervisor, at (717) 255-1437. 


North Charlotte St. Water Main Improvements (Orange to Harrisburg)

Ongoing currently and continuing into March 2018, contractors for the City of Lancaster (Doli Construction) will be performing water main improvements in advance of the Charlotte Street Two-Way Conversion project. The water work is scheduled for completion in early-March with weather cooperation, and the trench restoration should be performed in the spring as asphalt plants open and material becomes available. Lane restrictions and parking restrictions should be expected throughout the life of this utility project. Short-term detours may be required at certain milestones and will be posted in advance. Motorists are advised to seek alternate routes during the duration of this project, and residents and visitors are advised to pay attention to, and follow, posted parking restrictions. This work will occur in conjunction and coordination with UGI’s infrastructure upgrades. These utility upgrades are being performed as coordinated work with the overall construction project, such that all utilities will be in solid repair prior to the investment of a new roadway surface planned for October 2018. Residents impacted along this route will receive notices on their doors and/or in their mailboxes detailing the schedule and impacts, and will be provided with contacts with the contractor and City of Lancaster. Questions on this project should be directed to the Deputy Director for Construction, Public Works, (717) 291-4777. 


Chester St. (Pershing St. to Lime St.)

Water work has been completed, and paving is anticipated in Spring 2018. Questions on this project should be directed to the Deputy Director of Public Works, Construction Services, at (717) 291-4777. 


101 North Queen Street (formerly Bulova Building, Queen/Orange)

Heavier construction is expected to begin in February 2018. Lancaster Square is currently occupied by contractors demolishing part of the concrete superstructure along the 101 North Queen property. This work will conclude and contractors will begin immediately on the exterior renovations as warmer weather approaches.


151 North Queen Street (Hotel Lancaster project, Queen/Chestnut)

Heavier construction is expected to begin in Spring 2018. Lancaster Square will be occupied by contractors to facilitate construction on the North Queen and East Chestnut property.


Broad Street (King St to Orange St), City of Lancaster Annual Water Main Replacements

Beginning the week of Feburary 26, with weather cooperation, the City of Lancaster will resume water main work with its contractor, Horst Excavating, on Broad Street between King and Orange. Daily detours will be posted at each location as needed to facilitate roadway crossings and utility tie-ins during work hours (7:00am to 5:00pm). Traffic patterns and parking will be restored for nights and weekends as feasible. Motorists traveling Broad Street or East King Street are advised there may be travel delays approaching the intersection of Broad/King for all traffic. Motorists and residents are advised to follow all posted signage related to traffic pattern changes and parking restrictions, as towing will be enforced. This block will be resurfaced in 2018.


East King Street, Marriott Expansion and Fulton Bank Expansion

The two travel lanes continue to be shifted left (north) to accommodate two lanes of travel while providing a safe working zone buffer for the demolition and site preparation activity. Parking has been eliminated between Queen and Christian Streets to facilitate this shift. This shift will remain in place until the new tower is completed in late-2018. The contractors will be coordinating site activities between the Marriott and Fulton Bank projects to eliminate or reduce the need for lane restrictions downtown. Sidewalk closure on the south side of the 000 block of E. King Street will occur during heavy construction at the site and pedestrians will be directed to use the north sidewalk. Christian Street and Grant Street will have temporary restrictions and changes as a result of this project and motorists and visitors are advised to follow all posted signage and obey parking and road restrictions.


City of Lancaster Green Infrastructure Projects

City of Lancaster will continue work on several Green Infrastructure projects with its contractor, Rogele Inc. Please contact the Engineering Bureau if you have specific concerns about a location under construction at 291-4764. Locations for the remainder of 2017 and into 2018 will include:

- Shelley Road (Nov 2017- March 2018): project will complete and paving will occur in spring 2018.

- Alleys 7 and 8 (January-April 2018): project will complete and paving will occur in spring 2018 (UGI has upgrades in Spring 2018)

- Morton Lane (January-April 2018): project will commence in March 2018, and paving will occur in the late-Spring.

- St. Joseph and Pearl St. intersection—Summer 2018 (summer break); Green Infrastructure and resurfacing.