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Property Settlement Instructions

Attorney, Title, Settlement Company and Instructions:

- All requests must be mailed with payment. (See below for fee schedule) Please allow ample time for return.  Requests are generally processed within 24 hours or the next business day.

- Effective July 1, 2013 all requests must include a completed Smoke Detector Certification Form.

- Include a self addressed stamped envelope with requests or a fax number for return. 

- If all information is not submitted we cannot process the requests.

- If you do not have the City of Lancaster Request Form for Tax Certifications and Water/Sewer, Trash Finals the Settlement and Tax Certification Forms can be downloaded here or can be faxed to you. Please telephone 717-735-3425 to request this form.  

- Only requests submitted on the City of Lancaster Request Form will be completed.

- When making requests, please include fee for the Water/Sewer Final. Prior to closing you may fax the final water meter reading to 717-735-3431 and we will provide the Final Water Bill for settlement.

- If payment is not submitted prior to requesting a final water bill, we will not be able to process the final.  

- The Fees per parcel are as follows:

- Tax Certification $20.00

- Final Trash Bill $9.00

- Final Water Reading $9.00

- Complete Certification $38.00

- Make checks payable to City of Lancaster