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Open and easy public access to data promotes a higher level of civic engagement, improves transparency, and fosters collaboration. See below for a variety of information you may be seeking regarding the City of Lancaster. If you can't find what you're looking for, you can submit a Public Records Request.

Open Data Policy

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Open Data Policy

This policy establishes guidelines for an open data program in the City of Lancaster. The city collects and creates information on aspects of life in Lancaster. Through this program, the public as well as internal departments and bureaus, will have faster and easier access to data and information via an online portal. The city recognizes that making data available in this way increases civic engagement, internal efficiencies, and transparency, while also fostering communication. It is also anticipated that this will improve government efficiency for those responsible for carrying out Pennsylvania Right-To-Know Law and other public record requests. Data will be released in a responsible manner, consistent with relevant public records law, and in consultation with the appropriate department staff and heads. The information will be released in machine-readable formats. Finally, the protection of privacy, confidentiality and security will be maintained as a paramount priority while also advancing the government’s transparency and accountability through publication of open data.

Click here to read the policy in full.

Building Blocks

BuildingBlocks is a web-based mapping software that warehouses data into one easy-to-use application. We are excited to share this with the public and hope it will help you answer your questions and provide a new way of looking at the city.

One of our hopes for BuildingBlocks is that it will help our renting community be smarter consumers! Before you rent, check out whether your future home has a rental license or open code violations. Check how close it is to our great schools, parks and businesses. Let us help you make an informed decision!

Do you want to know more about your rights and responsibilities as a renter? Check out the Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership's Housing Equality & Equity Institute at or call (717) 291-9945.

Click here to view Building Blocks. (BuildingBlocks is best viewed on a desktop using the Google Chrome browser.)


We have a number of interactive maps related to our city that you can use and explore, including Zoning, Parks, Street Sweeping and more.

Public Records

In accordance with Pennsylvania’s Right-To-Know Law (Act 3 of 2008), the City of Lancaster makes available for public inspection records which meet the generally outlined qualifications as set forth in the Act.


Pursuant to the Right-To-Know Law, (Act 3 of 2008) (the “Act”), municipalities are required to make available for public inspection records which meet the generally outlined qualifications set forth in the Act.  For more information regarding the Act, please contact the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Open Records at the Commonwealth Keystone Building, 400 North Street, Plaza Level, Harrisburg, PA 17120-0225, (717) 346-9903.  They can also be reached at the following website

Requests for public records can be made by completing and submitting the City’s Public Records Request Form.  The City of Lancaster will also accept the forms supplied for making such requests by the Commonwealth Office of Public Records.  All such requests should be submitted to the City of Lancaster’s Open Records Officer, the Business Administrator, by mail to 120 North Duke Street, Lancaster, PA 17608-1599, by fax at (717) 291-4722 or by e-mail to  The City will reply to your request in the manner required by the Act.  If you have questions about open records, you may contact the City’s Open Records Officer at (717) 291-3556.

If your request is denied and relates to public records other than records relating to criminal investigations, appeals should be submitted to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Office of Open Records, Commonwealth Keystone Building, 400 North Street, 4th Floor, Harrisburg, PA 17120-0225.  These appeals will be heard by officers of the Office of Public Records.

If your request is denied and relates to records regarding criminal investigations, appeals should be submitted to Lancaster County District Attorney’s Right to Know Appeals Officer, Attorney Christopher P Larsen, Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office, 50 North Duke Street, PO Box 83480, Lancaster, PA 17608-3480.

All appeals must be in writing, must state the grounds upon which the requestor asserts that the requested records is a public record and must address any grounds stated by the City for delaying or denying the request.  All appeals must be filed within 15 business days of the mailing date of the City of Lancaster’s notice of denial or a deemed denial as defined in the Act.  All appeals will be handled in accordance with the Act.

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