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2017-01-1 RFP Lead Hazard Control Program
2017-01-2 RFP Lead Program Health Facilities
2017-01-3 RFP Lead Program Outreach
2017-02 North Marshall Street Improvements
2017-03 Water T&D System Materials
2017-04 Traffic Sign Printing System & Consumables
2017-04 Bid Date Change-Addendum
2017-05 2017-2018 Street Improvements 
2017-06 2017 Water Main Replacement
2017-07 2017 Pavement Markings Project
2017-08 2017 Sidewalk Repairs at Water Stop Locations
2017-09 Sulfuric Acid Tank at Conestoga Water Treatment Plant
2017-10 RFP Laboratory for Lead Dust Analysis
2017-11 City of Lancaster Operations Center
2017-12 South Primary Scum Troughs
2017-13 Stormwater and Water Projects Chesapeake, Broad, and Chester Streets
2017-14 Construction of Green Infrastructure Practices - Addendum
2017-15 Quaker Hills Water Main Replacement
2017-16 City of Lancaster Sewer Replacements: Jamaica Road, Nassau Road, Howard Avenue, and Lafayette Street
2017-17 Sidewalk Snow/Ice Removal Services
2017-18 Long’s Park Playground and Stormwater Project
2018-01 2018-2020 Water and Wastewater Trench Repair Project
2018-01R 2018-2020 Water and Wastewater Trench Repair Project-Rebid
2018-03 Portable X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer
2018-04 Central Market Slate Roof Replacement
2018-05 Beaver Street Replacement Project
2018-06 2018 City Guide Printing, City of Lancaster Office of Promotion
2018-07 2018-2019 Street Improvements
2018-08 Musser Park Stone Walls Restoration
2018-04R Central Market Roof Snow Melt System
2018-05R Beaver Street Replacement Project (Rebid)
2018-09 Walnut Street Green Infrastructure, Water Main Replacement, and Resurfacing
2018-02 Manor and King Streets, Street Lighting and Tree Project
2018-10 Lemon Street Sewer Replacement
2018-11 Beaver Street Water Main Replacement
2018-12 RFP City Street Tree Planting Program

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