Regarding Dallas & Police-Involved Shootings

The on-going violence and loss of life that our Country has witnessed over the recent past, including the massacre of peace officers in Dallas, serves as a chilling reminder that we have a long way to go in achieving ‘a more perfect union’. Violence that stems from stereotypes based on race or profession diminishes our own humanity and is a threat to the unity and peace to which we aspire. All whose lives are ended by violence have parents, spouses, and children who suffer profound and long-lasting grief and loss.

We condemn violence and the hatred that begets violence. These are times that call for somber reflection. Towards this end, I ask that our faith community dedicate weekend worship services to prayer and reflection; and for those who do not worship formally to, in their own way, meditate on how each of us can act in peace, with respect, and with kindness towards our fellow human beings.

J. Richard Gray