Lancaster Gateway Bundle

On Friday, October 31 the Lancaster Gateway Bundle was installed at Lancaster Brewing Company. Part green infrastructure project, part public art piece, the new addition to the Lancaster Brewing Company will greet those coming into the City via the Walnut & Plum Street intersection. Read on for a message from one of the artists. 

Dear All,

As I stood and looked at the sculpture yesterday, after the installers had left, I realized that what I was looking at was something truly special.  It's hard to put into words the feeling of looking at something that you have brought into the world, but what now sits outside the Lancaster Brewing Company is not the product of individual expertise, but of a very real form of collaboration.  The sheer number of people involved in this work, especially for such a small project, is astounding.  To think that we not only accomplished what we set out to do, but executed it to the fullest degree, is something we should all be proud of.

To do a project that was not only environmentally responsible, but also contributed to a business and a community is a special feeling.  Being able to work on this project with so many people was also a great learning experience.  I feel that we have given something to the city and to the brewery that they will both find useful and enjoy for years to come.  This is important as we can begin to reflect on our work and understand its continuing role in the city and its ever more sustainable infrastructure.

I would like to thank everyone, on behalf of A+M, for helping to make this project a reality.  I'm looking forward to reconvening again, Lancaster-brewed beers in hand, to commemorate this achievement.


Marc Lewis Krawitz
Austin + Mergold LLC