Bob Snyder, September Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Robert (Bob) Snyder, who has been selected as the September 2015 Employee of the Month. Bob is a HSI/Building Inspector for EDNR/Codes Compliance & Inspections and has been with the City since October 2002.

Bob is recognized for his assistance in a particular event that occurred during the month of August.  City Health officers encountered a situation involving an elderly man living in sub-standard conditions.  The Health officers were unable to receive a timely response from a social service agency and needed an immediate action plan for the man’s relocation because his property was to be condemned for the unsanitary environment.  The City Health officer made a connection between a tattoo on the gentleman’s arm and his involvement in the armed forces and decided to contact Bob as he is actively involved in helping local veterans.  Within a very short period of time, Bob responded and began working with his connections in veteran assistance programs.  The veteran was on his way to a veteran’s facility within one hour for the proper care that he needed. 

The positive resolution to this situation would not have been possible without Bob’s support.  He directly afforded the gentleman with the opportunity to receive critical care and restoration of deserved dignity.  Bob’s understanding of the ‘system’ and how it operates allowed for an expediting of the situation.  His willingness to respond to help his team members so quickly and to go beyond his “normal duties” in treating a long-time city resident with care and respect validates his understanding and implementation of the cultural characteristics of the City.

On behalf of the City’s Employee Recognition Committee, we thank you, Bob, for your admirable efforts.