64-Gallon Recycling Curb Carts Now Available

To increase recovery of recyclable materials and provide additional capacity for residents that generate large amounts of recyclables each week, the city will make available at no charge a limited number of 64-gallon carts to be delivered to properties in May 2017.

Wheeled roll-out carts are convenient to use and easy to move to the curb. However, more space than is typically needed for a standard recycling bin is required to store and maneuver the cart to the curb. To maintain the city goal of having trash and recycling containers visible from the street only during collection days, the city desires to provide carts to residents that demonstrate need and have a suitable storage location.

To be considered for a cart, the following application must be completed and returned to the city by March 31, 2017. Carts will be awarded on a first come first serve basis after evaluation by the city to verify need and that adequate storage space is available at the property. The city will determine if a property is suitable to receive a cart and notify those to be awarded one. 

Click here to download an application