Welcome to the City of Lancaster!

A relatively small city of 7 square miles and 60,000 residents, Lancaster City is located within driving distance of Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Delaware beaches and the Jersey shore. But the City of Lancaster is about so much more than our geographic location.  Lancaster City is a place where historic preservation and a cutting-edge arts scene live and thrive side by side; a city of neighborhoods that are safe and welcoming; a city that encourages entrepreneurship and investment; a city that values the cultural, ethnic, and diverse lifestyles of our residents and guests.

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  • Mayor Gray, Chief Saddler and Officer King with the students. http://t.co/MN20RayRlK
  • Civic leader Nelson Polite urges children to stay out of trouble, work hard & give back to the community. http://t.co/e3NAGo561Z